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Next Work Your Butt Off Fitness Camp Starts 6 Feb 2014

WYBO & MFK Feb 2014

FOR THIS MONTH ONLY… Any current, or past client may sign-up a friend who is new to an Erin O’Reilly Fitness Camp and receive 50% off their camp!

Work Your Butt Off 

This is a full-body high intensity circuit training work-out, which is predominantly body weighted in nature and also incorporates some light weights, bands and ropes. It is ideal for individuals of all levels of fitness and exercise experience who want to: lose fat, improve muscular endurance, learn to love fitness and exercise with minimal wear and tear on their joints. Music and your trainer will make you work your butt off!

NEXT CAMP:  6 Feb – 4 Mar 2014

Times & Location:

Carleton Place:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7PM @ Carleton Place Arena


  • 4 Week Camp: $120
  • 4 Week Camp + On-Line Coaching: $150


  • A set of light weights (ie. 3, 5, or 8 lbs dumbbells)
  • Yoga Mat, or Towel
  • Sneakers
  • Water!

How to Get Started:

  1. Simply Choose the time which suit your schedule and contact Erin to register!
  2. I’m flexible… If you want to register for a partial camp, or have other questions, just ask!
Camps Include:
  • An experienced and qualified trainer who will help you achieve your goals.
  • Exercises modified and tailored to your fitness level and capabilities.
  • Flexibility: One make-up work-out opportunity per month (because, you know, life happens)
  • Accountability: I will contact you, should you miss an work-out.
  • Support: I will be available for on-going support, via email & phone.
  • Motivation: give me your laziest day… I’ll make you pumped to work-out!!!

Weather & “Life” Contingency:

Life happens and if it does we have back-up plans:

  • If it rains… we get wet ;)  I promise, it will be awesome!
  • If it thunders, or has been pouring all day, we’ll head indoors for a work-out (check your email, or my Facebook page for up-dates) * based on facility availability.
  • You get sick, or other unforeseeable even comes-up: No problem!  You get 1 make-up session per 4 week camp.  Let me know ASAP and we’ll book your make-up.
  • ALWAYS check your email, or my Facebook Page an hour before the work-out to receive any important notices.

Green Monster Meatballs

Prep time 10min

Cook time 30min


  1. 2lbs lean ground beef, bison, chicken, or turkey
  2. 2 cups Spinach & Kale (finely diced – use a food processor)
  3. 1/2 medium red onion (diced – optional)
  4. 1 tsp oregano
  5. 4 Tbsp coconut oil, or red palm oil, or organic butter


  1. blend ingredients 1-4 together & from into tightly packed balls (approx size of golf balls)
  2. Heat 2 skillets over medium heat for 1-2min
  3. Add 2 Tbsp of the cooking oil you have chosen to each skillet and allow to heat up for 30-60 sec
  4. Place meat balls in skillets for 30sec, then flip (searing the balls)
  5. Cover and cook for 15min
  6. Cook uncovered for remaining 15min over med-low heat


  • Make sure the meatballs a cooked all the way through (cut one open and look for any sign of pink)… cook for another 5min, if necessary
  • Pair the meatballs with home made sweet potato & turnip fries, OR top over a salad (loaded with veggies), OR place on top of a bed of 1/2cup quinoa, brown rice, or other grain blend.
  • Local resource for organic & naturally raised (happy) meats):
    • Aplenblick Farm (organic beef, lamb & eggs)   613-253-2640
    • Rock-n-Horse Farm (naturally raised beef, pork, chicken & eggs)  613-256-6117
    • The Granary (Natural Food Store – 107 Bridge St CP) 613-257-5986
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Power House Muesli – it’s School Lunch Friendly!

Here’s the recipe (it takes 60 seconds to make, after your trip to a store, such as The Granary, New Global Vitamins, or Bulk Barn):
Handful each of…
– organic low sugar cereal (ie. Nature’s Path crispy rice, OR Nature’s Path corn puffs, OR Nature’s Path corn flakes)
– dried unsweetened cranberries
– dried mulberries
– dried apricots
Half a handful each of…
– raw sesame seeds
– raw sunflower seeds
– raw pumpkin seed
– dark organic chocolate
* choose organic & unsweetened options whenever possible!
* get creative… add other nutritious ingredients as you get inspired (these ones happen to have great complement of flavour)
* send this to school dry (as a nibbling snack), or send along some Whole Milk (so much more nutritious than lower fat alternatives), or milk alternatives (such as rice, flax, & coconut milk) for a fantastic well rounded meal!

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Check-Out the FREE Just Try It Work-Outs!

Brought to you in cooperation with the Carleton Place Just Try It Program.

  • Work Your Butt Off: Monday 30 Dec 6:30-7:30pm @ Steve’s Independent *** in lieu of work-outs on New Years Eve & Day (Price $15)
  • Mighty Fit Kids: Thursdays 2 Jan 5:30-6:15pm @ CP Arena *** FREE for all participants (part of the CP Just Try It Program)
  • Work Your Butt Off: Thursdays 2 Jan 6:30-7:30pm @ CP Arena *** FREE for all participants (part of the CP Just Try It Program)
  • Work Your Butt Off: Saturday 4 Jan 8:30-9:30am @ Steve’s Independent *** FREE for all participants (part of the CP Just Try It Program)
  • Exercise & Eating 101Saturday 4 Dec 9:30-10:30am @ Steve’s Independent *** FREE for all participants (part of the CP Just Try It Program)

Jan ecard ad

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No Bake Qunioa Cookies

no bake cookiesThe only thing better than eating these cookies, is eating the batter when it’s warm!

Prep Time: 5min + 1hr to cool/set

Yields: 20+ small cookies

Diets: Gluten-Free, Vegan (Nut-Free if you substitute seed butter, such as sunflower butter, for peanut butter)

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (replace with sunflower seed butter for a NUT FREE alternative)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 3 cups cooked quinoa OR brown rice (from about 1 cup uncooked grain)

* when possible, choose organic ingredients, especially peanut butter and choose fair trade quinoa, cocoa and chocolate

  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and clear a space in your fridge or freezer for it. Set aside.
  2. Combine coconut oil, maple syrup, and cocoa powder in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring to combine. Let boil for about one minute, then remove from heat. Stir in peanut butter, vanilla and salt. Mix in quinoa, or brown rice. Make sure to taste test!
  3. Drop batter in small scoops onto the parchment paper.
  4. Place trays in fridge or freezer to set, which will take at least an hour. The cookies are ready once they are completely firm. For best results, store in the fridge.
  5. Enjoy!


Thank you to for the idea for this fantastic recipe!

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FREE Workshop: Erin the APP! Saturday 7 Dec @ 9am

Erin The App

Now you can have Erin personal train you through your mobile device!


Erin the APP is an on-line resource for you to receive On-line Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching for:

  • work-outs
  • meals & snacks
  • improved health habits
  • community exercise


THIS Saturday, attend a FREE work-out, followed by a FREE information & demonstration session on how you can have accountability for your fitness and nutrition at home AND on your phone.


3 People who attend will WIN one FREE month of On-line Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching, by Erin!


Saturday 7 Dec


Steve’s Independent Grocer (Community Room)

* Pre-registration necessary, as space is limited!


Contact Erin for more info, or to pre-register:

email OR call/text  (613)451-6006

Next Camps Start 15 Oct (Carleton Place) & 16 Oct (Almonte)

Your next fitness camp starts IMMEDIATELY after the turkey is done!

Work Your Butt Off Fitness Camps Start October 15th or 16th

Carleton Place Camp:
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm

Almonte Camp:
Mondays & Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm

Let me motivate you through the 30 Day Challenge and you could WIN yourself a pre-holiday shopping blitz (a value of $200) at Hello Yellow Versatile (custom marble mosaic art).

30 Day Challenge Details

  • To be entered to win, you must complete the 30 Day challenge: 8 work-outs to be completed any time between 15 Oct – 13 Nov 2013
  • You must pre-register for the 30 Day Challenge by 15 Oct to qualify
  • Winner will be chosen randomly among those who have completed the challenge.
  • Gift certificates are a combined $200 value

Oct Fitness Camp and 30 Day Challenge