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Work-out CANCELLED Wed 27th

Wednesday 27th Work-out is CANCELLED!

(Your instructor is super sick… Looks like I have a better understanding of why those resistance sprints @ last night’s work-out had me laying flat-out on the floor during our recovery periods. Although, Chris can still take some of the credit for my state ;)

NEXT WORK-OUTS: Thurs 28th 4:30pm & 6pm @ Steve’s Independent Grocer6

Calorie Combat – Dec Fit Camp

The average holiday party can throw an EXTRA 1000-2000 calories down your goblet (it takes only 1500 calories to add a pound of fat).

Pair your holiday party, or gathering with an Erin O’Reilly Fitness Camp work-out and counter that extra pound (or two…).  You will not only counter that extra pound, you will also keep your metabolic engine running high for 48hrs afterwards! Leaving you feeling  fit and social this Holiday Season (without adjusting the belt loops).

6 December Work-outs:

  • Saturday 8 Dec 8:15-9:15am @ Caldwell School Gym *** Food Bank Fundraiser
  • Saturday 15 Dec 8:15-9:15am @ Steve’s Independent Grocer, Carleton Place *** Food Bank Fundraiser
  • Tuesday 11 Dec 6-7pm @ Caldwell Public School, Carleton Place
  • Thursday 13 Dec 6-7pm @ Caldwell Public School, Carleton Place
  • Monday 17 Dec 7:30-8:30pm @ Almonte United Church, Almonte
  • Thursday 20 Dec 6-7pm @ Caldwell Public School, Carleton Place
  • preregistration required – simply contact Erin

Special Holiday Prices: 

  1. FREE, if you pre-register for a January Fitness camp… contact Erin to register
  2. All six work-outs for $55
  3. Drop-in for$10 per work-out ($7 off for that holiday push!)

Important Notes:

  • Pre-registration required… just contact Erin to reserve a spot in each Dec Calorie Combat work-out
  • Work-outs are subject to registration
  • Full payment due at the first work-out
  • Prices include HST

Good to know: For those worried they will “lose their fitness” over the holidays, studies show that if you work-out at least once per week (at the same intensity and duration) you will maintain your fitness (might want to make that twice per week, if you plan to do extra eating and sleeping this December).

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Surviving the Holiday Sweets & Vino!

Ok, seeing how the first holiday party I am to attend is one week away, I thought it would be a good time to start throwing “Surviving the Holiday Sweets” your way.

Tip # 1 Premeditate Your “Splurge Events”
(this is probably your most imp

ortant tip)On a calendar, map out the dates you know you will/ want to indulge with loved ones (you have to live happily, so factor these live-it-up moments into your life).

This could be baking day with the kids, the kicker holiday party, or the surviving diner with your mother ;)

Choose up to 5 events from now until the New Year and ideally space them out 7-10 days apart.

Finally, instead of the daunting task of “no sweets through the holidays”, keep your eye and mind set on the much easier goal of eating clean and keeping active from one splurge event to the next.

If you do this, your body will reve-up the metabolic engine on the infrequent times that you add extra calories (ie. you will not store fat) and you will be a much happier person!

Need ideas on how to be active and HAVE FUN? Join me for a work-out ;)

Send me your requests for fitness & nutrition tips!

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