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You May Have Low Iron Levels….

A training client recently asked me for a little advice on how to increase their iron levels.  Since the majority of people I train are prone to iron deficiencies (menopausal, post menopausal, pregnant, post-partum, or do not eat a variety of fresh, “real” food) I thought it would be very relevant & useful to post some information on Iron Deficiencies.

This is Important to You If:

  1. I you fall into any of the afore mentioned categories (menopausal, post menopausal, pregnant, post-partum, or do not eat a variety of fresh, “real” food)
  2. You regularly experience weakness, irritability and decreased energy
(everyone reading this is now saying ‘yeah, yeah, that’s me, I must have an iron deficiency’)
Learn more:
  • Canadian Living published a very concise and thorough article on Iron Deficiencies (less than 1000 words) click here
  • For a detailed list of iron rich foods click here
  • For a guide on foods which enhance iron absorption and which inhibit iron absorption click here
*** Iron can be toxic for the body (especially children) in very high quantities, so if you think you are iron deficient, speak with your doctor about getting a blood test and how to manage your iron levels
Have an awesome day :)


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Eat (more) Real Food…

Diner is often a daunting thought and a super easy way to let your nutrition get off-track.

One of my favourite go-to meals is sooo simple, fast & delicious:

1. The Healthy Grain/Carb: cook some quinoa, brown rice, or spaghetti squash

2. The (always healthy) Vegetables: steam vegetables in a frying pan

3. The Protein: add some cooked tilapia, sole, or preferred lean meat OR to make it vegan, top with your favorite legume (lentils, chickpeas, etc)

4. Portions: if you were to divide your diner plate into quarters, 1/4 should be protein, 1/4 should be HEALTHY carb, 1/2 should be veg & fruit (you can always ramp-up the protein portion, but not the carb)

Delicious vegetable suggestion:

  • vegetable suggestions: parsnips, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, and red onion
  • add some cumin and fresh rosemary to the heated butter/coconut oil, before you add your veggies … Mmmmmmm!
  • If you cannot wing-it and need a recipe, try: (but omit the ricotta and replace with the proteins listed above)
  • love a little “crunch”, cook until al dente and then add fresh diced red peppers, or watercress, or fresh spinach leaves, or bean sprouts to the top (ie. keep these items un-cooked)

Happy eating :)

PS – Be certain to cook extra, so you can bring a nutritious lunch to work!

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Start the Day Feeling Great (weird concept, eh…?)

I always encourage people who are looking to achieve a weight, or any health & fitness goal to start the day with their work-out… this way, no matter what crap life may throw at you, at least you have already taken care of yourself.

For the majority of people this means waking-up long before the kids do (seasoned pro speaking here), or long before the morning commute to work.  Not many people think they can muster the will-power to do this (which is fine… ultimately, exercise at a time which works for you, or you likely will not do it at all), but I am just going to reiterate that it is worth it, once you’re done.

If you cannot work-out first thing, consider getting-up 20+min early and spending some time outdoors, quietly:

  • go for a walk near the water, through the woods, or through a quiet (ie. pre 7am) neighbourhood
  • attempt a 1min jog (powerwalk), 2 min walk (or easy walk) mini work-out (does that make “work-out” sound less daunting?)
  • sit on the deck, try to allow yourself to shut your brain off and listen to nature…

I guarantee that if you let yourself enjoy some ME TIME in the morning, you will start your day with a smile, which will make you:

  • more optimistic throughout the day,
  • better to those around you and more likely to go to that evening work-out (hopefully, at one of my fitness camps)… even after your boss loads you with extra work, or your kid tells you he likes daddy more, or someone scratches your car at Walmart :)

Hoping you have a happy, healthy & smiley day:)


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What to do if you had too good of a Long Weekend?

I hope you had a great long weekend and if it was particularly indulgent, here’s some great advice:

1. Make a Huge Water Bottle Your New BFF (that’s best friend forever ;)

  • Sip water frequently and do so all day.  You will know you are having enough if you pee frequently and your pee is clear.  Drinking lots of water will help your energy (I promise!!!) and help to flush-out toxins (you may have acquired a few of those while indulging)
  • Add lemon, or lime slices to your lemon.  Not only will it help you to drink more water, but it is even better for your health (it helps to make your body more alkaline, which promotes weight loss and helps to fight against diseases)

2. Don’t Give-up, or Over-Think the Past… Just Get Moving!

  • Join me for a fitness camp, or start-off by just getting your feet wet and attending one of my FREE “Just Try It” work-outs running the first week of June (see the attached poster).

3. Adapt the Culture of Fitness (it will make you a happier person… even if you are already happy)

Most people associate exercise with weight-loss goals.  Sure, exercise helps to loose and manage weight, but let’s start thinking about exercise as a (great, vital, enjoyable, fun) way of life!

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The BEST Way to GET FIT in June…

Join me for one (or more) of my fitness camps!

Work Your Butt Off – Carleton Place

  • 6-7pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 7-28 June @ Riverside Park (meet at the gazebo)
  • Includes: 7 amazing work-outs; before & after measurements; nutritional guidance and guaranteed fun (while sweating!)
  • cost $119 + HST
  • ***FREE*** “Just Try It” work-out offered on Tues 5 June (6pm @ Riverside Park)

Work Your Butt Off – Almonte

  • 5:30-6:30pm on Mondays & Wednesdays
  • 6-27 June, Outdoors @ Almonte Arena (meet outdoors, near parking lot)
  • Includes: 7 amazing work-outs; before & after measurements; nutritional guidance and guaranteed fun (while sweating!)
  • cost $119 + HST
  • ***FREE*** “Just Try It” work-out offered on Mon 5 June (6pm @ Almonte Arena)

Mighty Fit Kids – Carleton Place

  • 9-10am on Saturdays
  • 9-30 June @ Riverside Park (meet at the gazebo)
  • Your child (4-8yrs of age) will learn about various exercises, sports and stretching, while improving agility, coordination, speed, stamina, self confidence and self-efficacy!  Sessions are concluded with a discussion on healthy eating & lifestyle choices and the occasional healthy snack (made and provided by myself)
  • Cost $45 + HST
  • ***FREE*** “Just Try It” work-out offered on Sat 2 June (9am @ Riverside Park)

Mighty Fit Moms & Tots – Carleton Place

  • 9-9:45am on Wednesdays @ Riverside Park (meet at the gazebo)
  • *** this is a new to Carleton Place drop-in work-out for as long as it is popular***
  • This is a bootcamp style, high intensity & interval training, fat burning work-out.  It is tailored to help busy moms reach their health & fitness goals, with their little one in tow (bring a stroller & sunscreen)…. although this is tailored to multi-tasking moms, you only need to be a woman to join this effective work-out :)
  • cost $8 per work-out
  • ***FREE*** “Just Try It” work-out offered on Wed 6 June (9-9:45am @ Riverside Park)

Questions, Comments, or Concerns: email me @ or call me @ 613-451-6006

Before you start a class with us, you’ll need to fill out the PAR-Q form and bring it to class. You can download it here: PAR-Q Form

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Eat Avocado… Eat Real Food!!!

Avocado is delicious and sooooo good for you!

Many people avoid avocado, because it is relatively high in fat.  Let’s clarify: fat does not make you fat!  Eating too many calories makes you fat (while I have your attention, eating nutritionally void food & beverages + not exercising + stress makes you fat faster and lays-down more abdominal fat).

Now, let’s cut to the chase… benefits of avocado:

  • rich in monounsaturated fat (the heart-healthy kind of fats), particularly oleic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • rich in potassium, folic acid & B-vitamins, which improve digestion and helps the body flush toxins
  • rich in active compounds (ie. antioxidants: lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E) shown to prevent breast & prostate cancer, as well as other diseases.  Good to know: pairing a few slices of avocado with tomato (or fresh tomato based foods), or other fresh red, orange and yellow vegetables helps the absorption of antioxidants

Mars bar, or Avocado… let’s compare:

  • a medium avocado contains about 250 calories and (and all the awesomeness listed above)
  • a regular Mars bar contains 250 calories and is nutritionally void!  You will  recall, nutritionally void food will make you fat faster, and ones loaded with refined sugars and other garbage ingredients (seriously, read the label on a Mars bar… 99% of the ingredients did not grow directly out of the Earth) will increase your chance of disease
  • use your brain… which should you strive to eat?

Fast & Simple ways to enjoy avocado:

  1. slice-up and eat with salad (replace store bought dressing with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar)
  2. mash-up and mix with homemade/fresh salsa or tomatoes
  3. mash-up and spread over the base of a pita pizza
  4. google “avodao recipes” for all sorts of flavourfulrecipes

Serve avocado at your next family meal, or get-together and you will be helping your family & friend’s health!!!!

Now go have a great day and eat some avocado :)


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Mighty Fit Kids = Still @ Riverside Park Tonight

I just wanted to reassure you that Mighty Fit Kids is still on tonight and we will be at Riverside Park. The weather forecast for this evening is isolated showers (no thunder), so dress the kids in slush pants and a rain jacket and I’ll make sure they have a great (and sweaty) time! Please note that at the first sign of thunder, or lightening, I will conclude the session and pile the kids into my car (or the car of any other Might Fit Kid parent who is present), until everyone arrives to pick-up their child. Keeping that in mind, stay close to the park tonight, so that you can pick-up your little one in the event that the weather gets bad.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

See you all soon,

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