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The 1st Annual School SuperFood Challenge! Presented by Erin O’Reilly Fitness

Kids think junk food tastes awesome.  I want to show them how healthy food taste awesome AND they should feel proud to choosing them!
Considering that no parent would ever say “I hope my family and I feel cranky, tired and lazy all day”, I am launching the 1st Annual SuperFood Challenge at my son’s school… here’s the scoop (PLEASE, steal my ideas and have your own family SuperFood Challenge!)

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Mighty Fit Kids Camp – MAY 2014

Mighty Fit Kids Fitness Camp is a 60min fun fitness session, which teaches kids (ages 3-10) the principles of fitness and healthy living, through age appropriate exercises and a variety of sports.

  • Next Camp: 8-29 May 2014
  • Times:  Thursdays 6-7pm, Saturdays 8:30-9:30am
  • Location: Riverside Park, Carleton Place
  • Cost:   $50 regular price,   OR    $30 (when 1 parent is registered for an 8 session Work Your Butt Off camp)
  • Contact Erin directly to register

WYBO & MFK Poster - May 2014

Next Mighty Fit Kids Camp Starts Feb 6 @ CP Arena

WYBO & MFK Feb 2014


 Work Your While Your Kids Work-Out TOO!!!

Mighty Fit Kids
Teaching kids (ages 5-12) to be healthy and naturally incorporate fitness into their daily lives, through play! Your child will learn about various sports, as well as improve agility, balance, coordination, speed, stamina, self confidence and self-efficacy… all while making friends!

It’s really a no-brainer… you want your kid to be a Mighty Fit Kid!!!

NEXT CAMP: 6 – 27 Feb 2014

Location: Carleton Place Arena

Time: 6-7pm

Cost: $25 (Fitness Camp Member price) OR $50 (non-member price)


  • Weekly fun friendly fitness sessions
  • Exposure to various sports, exercises and health concepts
  • Guarantee that your child will exercise and have fun, or you will receive a full refund

*parents are welcome to drop their child off and participate in the Work Your Butt Off Fitness Camp (in the room next door!).


Next Work Your Butt Off Fitness Camp Starts 6 Feb 2014

WYBO & MFK Feb 2014

FOR THIS MONTH ONLY… Any current, or past client may sign-up a friend who is new to an Erin O’Reilly Fitness Camp and receive 50% off their camp!

Work Your Butt Off 

This is a full-body high intensity circuit training work-out, which is predominantly body weighted in nature and also incorporates some light weights, bands and ropes. It is ideal for individuals of all levels of fitness and exercise experience who want to: lose fat, improve muscular endurance, learn to love fitness and exercise with minimal wear and tear on their joints. Music and your trainer will make you work your butt off!

NEXT CAMP:  6 Feb – 4 Mar 2014

Times & Location:

Carleton Place:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7PM @ Carleton Place Arena


  • 4 Week Camp: $120
  • 4 Week Camp + On-Line Coaching: $150


  • A set of light weights (ie. 3, 5, or 8 lbs dumbbells)
  • Yoga Mat, or Towel
  • Sneakers
  • Water!

How to Get Started:

  1. Simply Choose the time which suit your schedule and contact Erin to register!
  2. I’m flexible… If you want to register for a partial camp, or have other questions, just ask!
Camps Include:
  • An experienced and qualified trainer who will help you achieve your goals.
  • Exercises modified and tailored to your fitness level and capabilities.
  • Flexibility: One make-up work-out opportunity per month (because, you know, life happens)
  • Accountability: I will contact you, should you miss an work-out.
  • Support: I will be available for on-going support, via email & phone.
  • Motivation: give me your laziest day… I’ll make you pumped to work-out!!!

Weather & “Life” Contingency:

Life happens and if it does we have back-up plans:

  • If it rains… we get wet ;)  I promise, it will be awesome!
  • If it thunders, or has been pouring all day, we’ll head indoors for a work-out (check your email, or my Facebook page for up-dates) * based on facility availability.
  • You get sick, or other unforeseeable even comes-up: No problem!  You get 1 make-up session per 4 week camp.  Let me know ASAP and we’ll book your make-up.
  • ALWAYS check your email, or my Facebook Page an hour before the work-out to receive any important notices.

Power House Muesli – it’s School Lunch Friendly!

Here’s the recipe (it takes 60 seconds to make, after your trip to a store, such as The Granary, New Global Vitamins, or Bulk Barn):
Handful each of…
– organic low sugar cereal (ie. Nature’s Path crispy rice, OR Nature’s Path corn puffs, OR Nature’s Path corn flakes)
– dried unsweetened cranberries
– dried mulberries
– dried apricots
Half a handful each of…
– raw sesame seeds
– raw sunflower seeds
– raw pumpkin seed
– dark organic chocolate
* choose organic & unsweetened options whenever possible!
* get creative… add other nutritious ingredients as you get inspired (these ones happen to have great complement of flavour)
* send this to school dry (as a nibbling snack), or send along some Whole Milk (so much more nutritious than lower fat alternatives), or milk alternatives (such as rice, flax, & coconut milk) for a fantastic well rounded meal!

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