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Eat Avocado… Eat Real Food!!!

Avocado is delicious and sooooo good for you!

Many people avoid avocado, because it is relatively high in fat.  Let’s clarify: fat does not make you fat!  Eating too many calories makes you fat (while I have your attention, eating nutritionally void food & beverages + not exercising + stress makes you fat faster and lays-down more abdominal fat).

Now, let’s cut to the chase… benefits of avocado:

  • rich in monounsaturated fat (the heart-healthy kind of fats), particularly oleic acid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • rich in potassium, folic acid & B-vitamins, which improve digestion and helps the body flush toxins
  • rich in active compounds (ie. antioxidants: lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E) shown to prevent breast & prostate cancer, as well as other diseases.  Good to know: pairing a few slices of avocado with tomato (or fresh tomato based foods), or other fresh red, orange and yellow vegetables helps the absorption of antioxidants

Mars bar, or Avocado… let’s compare:

  • a medium avocado contains about 250 calories and (and all the awesomeness listed above)
  • a regular Mars bar contains 250 calories and is nutritionally void!  You will  recall, nutritionally void food will make you fat faster, and ones loaded with refined sugars and other garbage ingredients (seriously, read the label on a Mars bar… 99% of the ingredients did not grow directly out of the Earth) will increase your chance of disease
  • use your brain… which should you strive to eat?

Fast & Simple ways to enjoy avocado:

  1. slice-up and eat with salad (replace store bought dressing with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar)
  2. mash-up and mix with homemade/fresh salsa or tomatoes
  3. mash-up and spread over the base of a pita pizza
  4. google “avodao recipes” for all sorts of flavourfulrecipes

Serve avocado at your next family meal, or get-together and you will be helping your family & friend’s health!!!!

Now go have a great day and eat some avocado :)


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