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Emily, As You Head-out to the Grocery Store, Keep This in Mind…

Don’t let the grocery store fool you up (kind of a bad start to your self-promise):

  • Head to the grocery store after a meal (so you are not hungry) and with a list
  • Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store (this is where all the nutrient rich/fat loss food is)
  • When you can buy organic & local (CP Farmer’s market Saturdays 8am-12pm)
  • Limit the interior of the grocery store to only 10% of your purchases (this is where all the nutrient void food is… you know, all the food which makes us afraid of carbohydrates, because 90% of the grocery store is filled with this crap and it’s false marketing claims… the optimal form of fibre does NOT come from a Fibre 1 box and you do NOT get 2 servings of vegetables in V8 juice and Nutella is NOT a healthy way to start to the day)…rant :)
  • Consider what your food does for YOU!  If you look at a food/drink item and decide it does nothing more than taste good (ie. no protein, vitamins, minerals) … leave it at the store
  • When in doubt if something is good for you, use the rot test: If a piece of food will sit on the counter and rot in a week, it is probably good for you (ie. crackers = bad for you, homemade hummus & veggie sticks = good for you; wonderbread = bad for you, fresh homemade bread & muffins = good for you).  The only exception is raw (unsalted, unroasted, unseasoned nuts & seeds

Send me your questions & good luck!


One Response to “Emily, As You Head-out to the Grocery Store, Keep This in Mind…”

By Emily - 4 September 2012 Reply

Awesome tips Erin. I loved the advice you gave me the other day too.
“If you wouldn’t post it on Facebook, maybe not a great idea to eat it either”. Not that I’m one to post what I eat on FB, but it’d definitely made me think twice about a few things.

Now I’m off to stomp some grapes. ;)

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