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One Month Challenge: A Good Breakfast & Snack Choice

I’ll give you a quick overview on what is screwing-up most peoples health & fitness goasl… It is not our meals which tend to sabotage our energy and our waistlines, it is how we start our day and what we eat for snacks. 


  1. you need to eat breakfast (and it has to be of good quality)!
  2. you are not eating enough protein!
  3. you need to drink a lot more water!


If you want to feel full until lunch and have good energy (both body and mind), your breakfast should be high in protein and low in quick digesting/insulin spiking carbohydrates (FYI – breads, toast, cereal, fruit yogurts, jam, sugar are all effectively sugar in your body – they all digest quickly and spike your blood insulin).

*** Smart Breakfast Choice: 3 egg omlete stuffed full of colorful veggies… top with diced tomatoes

Keep it simple & quick: heat a skillet with a little bit of butter, coconut oil, or grape-seed oil in the pan.  The scramble 3 eggs in a bowl, chop-up a boatload of colorful veggies (spinach, peppers, mushrooms, fiddle-heads, onions, broccoli, etc) and toss them in with the eggs.  Once the oil, or butter, has had 2-3 minutes to heat, drop the eggs & veggie mixture in the skillet.  Fry until starting to brown and then flip and repeat.  If you want to add a bit more flavor: mild (add rosemary & oregano), medium (add mustard & cumin), or hot (add cayane, or diced jalapeno).

  • Before you freak-out… yes, leave in the yolks!  One large egg has 7grms of protein (almost half of which is in the yolk), 70cal (that’s the same as 1.5Tbs Tim Horton’s coffee cream) and good cholesterol (your body will make cholesterol, if you do not provided it, so relax and enjoy the entire egg).  Also, if you omit the yolk (about 50cal), you will be more likely to munch before lunch!
  • Before you freak-out… if 3 eggs seems like a belt-lossening feat, consider that 3 large eggs will supply you with 21 grms of protein and only 210cal and will keep you full unitl lunch (maybe longer).  A bagel will give 5 grms of protein (at best), 275cal (or more on average and that’s before you load it with spreads) and will have  you hungry within a hour.   Also, you could always make it a 2 egg, or 2 whole + 1 white only omlete.


These are often emotional little beasts, influenced by what is immediately what’s in front of our eye, or left by the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Halloween, little old lady next door, etc, on the office table.  They almost always originate from a package (ie. from the shelf of a centre grocery store isle).  You should think about your snacks like mini meals: eat in food groups, eat small portions, eat real food and eat a varriety (ie. NOT 3 bags of the latest fad 100cal bag of crackers, rice cakes, or other “diet” gimick snack)

*** Smart Snack Choices:

  • handful of almonds,cashews and/or walnuts + a piece of fruit, plus a  tall glass of lemon water
  • 2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt + 1/2cup berries + large cup of tea (aim to leave-out the sugar)
  • 1-2cups veggie sticks + hummus, plus lemon water

***What to drink:

  • WATER!!!!  Drink it until your pee is clear!!!!
  • lemon water (cut-up lemon wedges and drop them in your ice water… yum!).  It is good for you too, as it helps make your blood more alkaline (it’s a good thing)
  • white & herbal teas

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to make special requests for blogs/info.

Have a happy & healthy day :)


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