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Power House Muesli – it’s School Lunch Friendly!

Here’s the recipe (it takes 60 seconds to make, after your trip to a store, such as The Granary, New Global Vitamins, or Bulk Barn):
Handful each of…
– organic low sugar cereal (ie. Nature’s Path crispy rice, OR Nature’s Path corn puffs, OR Nature’s Path corn flakes)
– dried unsweetened cranberries
– dried mulberries
– dried apricots
Half a handful each of…
– raw sesame seeds
– raw sunflower seeds
– raw pumpkin seed
– dark organic chocolate
* choose organic & unsweetened options whenever possible!
* get creative… add other nutritious ingredients as you get inspired (these ones happen to have great complement of flavour)
* send this to school dry (as a nibbling snack), or send along some Whole Milk (so much more nutritious than lower fat alternatives), or milk alternatives (such as rice, flax, & coconut milk) for a fantastic well rounded meal!

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